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Attack of the Tobaccoworms August 27, 2010

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While watering the crops this morning I thought I should check on my newest addition to the hairless critter kingdom, mentioned in my last post. I had to search for him a bit because this guy looks remarkably like the tomato stems only much fatter…and has a red horn on his butt. I found him, and poked him, of course, then left to empty some trash.

When I came back, I had to check on him some more and to poke him some more, too. I had to search the plant again as he didn’t seem to be where I had last seen him and I hadn’t been gone even 5 minutes. Not only was he where he had been, but he had also cloned himself overnight.


Lovin' those tomato plants!

Now, keep in mind these babies are just about the size of my index finger, they get around very well and are doing a good amount of damage to the plant.

Pretty soon it will be just twigs

As well as sampling the tomatoes, though apparently only green ones are tasty. The orange one only received one bite.

Yummy green tomatoes; orange only gets one bite

Fortunately, I’m not really a raw tomato lover. I cut them in half and oven dry them to freeze and use later. They are outstanding dried. Chewy with a rich tomato flavor.

I am fascinated by these guys and will let them have the tomato plant since the plant it is slowing down production for the season. It would be cool if these turned into big beautiful butterflies or Luna moths, but they will be just plain ole brown and gray medium sized moths.