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The Return of Sluggo August 28, 2010

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Wonderful crisp morning, moon still bright in the dawn sky and a nice steamy cup of the first coffee of the day in hand. Ah, time to check on the crop and the caterpillar brothers, Frick and Frack. I couldn’t find them anywhere on the decimated tomato plant, though left plenty of  ‘pillar droppings behind. Then I saw one of the discarded cherry tomatoes move on the concrete. Say, what?

Upon closer inspection (and following the massive slime trail) I see my old friend, Sluggo, feasting on the cast off.

Gross, man! Bad enough that he runs around stark naked (a shell would be nice and very a la Francaise, hohn hohn. But then I may envision him as potential escargot.)

While lying about gorging on green cherry tomatoes, he is about 3″ in length. Also in the picture are some weeds I pull and leave to dry on the concrete because the sparrows love the dried weeds, then I like to sprinkle some flaked grains around for them. My version of a farm, you see. The basil leaf was for size comparison, plus it adds a nice splash of color, no? Do you see Sluggo’s little horns?

Then he began making his escape. I don’t think he is the outgoing type and disliked the attention of the paparazzi. He stretched out full length and made a mad dash into the iris. Well, maybe not a mad dash, more of a leisurely glide. On mega doses of slime.

But really, Sluggo

A shell would add so much panache

Later! Ya big slug.