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Next stop on the backyard nature tour… September 11, 2010

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Frick and Frack, the caterpillar brothers, finished consuming my tomato plant and left the premises under cover of darkness. Further, I hadn’t seen Sluggo since I last reported on him. Well, that is, until this morning. Alas, no pictures this time…I know, I know…you’re disappointed but here’s the thing: When I first saw him this morning I thought he was, well, I quite honestly thought some rude neighbor had let there dog do its business on my acreage lawn slab of concrete.

I followed my usual morning routine of brewing the coffee, giving Gracie her morning spoon of stinky food, and touring the acreage monitoring the crops patrolling the neighborhood perusing the flower garden opening the backdoor to look at my slab of concrete. I first noticed the distinct fall chill, then saw what appeared to be a curl of…well…shall we say dog scat…smack dab front and center of my field of view. *Sigh* I turned back inside to fortify myself with a nice hot cup of Peet’s coffee and a splash of half n’ half in my favorite mug. Back to the door and…wha… the poo moved? I obviously need more caffeine; take another slurp and stare intently at the supposed dog scat that seems to be straightening itself. Hm…wait, it has horns. Sluggo! Moving mighty slow in the chilly fall air! Nice slime trail, though.

The point of this exhilarating post is not to enthrall you with tales of faux dog scat, my friends- I need your help in identifying this guy:

Sorry for such a distant view through the kitchen

I saw it sitting on my fence, probably looking for the chipmunk that lives around the slab of concrete or perhaps trying to figure how to get at my Gracie through the door screen. I tried to get closer to get a better picture, but it flew away. I think it is a juvenile Red Tail Hawk. It was definitely bigger than a Kestral.

Also, now that I look at the picture, the only thing missing is a hot apple pie cooling on a window, don’t you think? The flag, weathered fencing, cute blue and yellow valance, pink geranium…makes me smile. Perfection would be an eagle, but a Red Tail hawk will have to do the job.