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Have I mentioned my awesome big brother? December 29, 2010

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It is so rare that you come across someone that just “gets” you, don’t you think? I have learned to not really talk to people about some of the things I get really excited about. I use to get all excited and energized about certain limited edition makeup stuff, and expensive new perfumes coming out, but I got tired of seeing people’s eyes glaze over as I rambled on about my latest discovery. And my interests tended to be for the more esoteric things not readily available. No one cared about naturally sourced ambergris or ouds in perfume. No one got excited over the latest Guerlain perfume or Cle de Peau makeup, seventh century Japanese haikus or Moroccan cooking, so I just kept it on the internet bulletin boards. I did get excited enough to blog about the latest Guerlain eyeshadow palettes last summer and put some pictures on here. I deeply fell in love with them and had to share the pictures I had found online. I pretty much knew I was the only one in my circle of family and friends that cared, but I was so enamored that I had to put it on my fresh new blog.

However, there was indeed one person that “got” it. My big burly woods tromping, coyote shooting, deer hunting brother. Despite the fact that when my parents brought me home from the hospital to my then four year old brother and he promptly began putting pillows on my face as I lay in the crib, he does “get” me. He would put the pillows on my tiny infant face, then go and tell my mom or dad, “That baby girl has a pillow on her” so they could rescue me. I like to think he was attempting to strengthen me for survival rather than annihilate me, you know? Oh, and one time he got a car cigarette lighter red hot then put it against my arm. Yeah. And the time we both had ice cream cones which, of course, he ate faster than I did since he had a few years on me… then he told me I would get in trouble because mine would start to drip and I would get messy, so I better trade my full cone for his almost finished one so I wouldn’t get in trouble. So considerate…though Mom caught him in the act on that one.

Despite his attempts to suffocate, burn and deprive me, I have survived and who knows, I may be a little tougher because of his thoughtful efforts. Oh, oh! And the time he and his friend Reggie took me down the street and told me to push over the neighbor kid’s bicycle, so I did. Not once but three times with the kid and his mom watching from the front window until the kid ran outside and pushed me down in the middle of the street. My brother and his friend took off. Yeah, I was maybe three or four years old at the time. No cars hit me, though I don’t know how I got home. What’s crazy is the trust I had in my big brother and would do as he asked.

We rarely ever got into arguments or fought, and the times we did I am very certain I was the instigator because I knew he was under orders from mom and dad to never lay a hand on me. He would play catch with a baseball although I’m sure I was horrible since he was always the pitcher for his Little League teams, and he taught me how to throw a curve ball. We would go target shooting with various rifles and handguns and had a great time. I have permanent damage in one ear due to this from the loud crack of one gun, but I can also still spot a Groundhog in a field from a far, far distance. He has always been a hunter (I am not at all…I like my targets to be quite non-mammalian) and we would dissect them to see what they had been eating. I loved those times.

I had mentioned several months ago that I had been kind of interested in Crossbows. I had seen one and was surprised at how heavy it was and couldn’t imagine that it would be easy to actually take aim and shoot with any accuracy. We had Thanksgiving at he and his wife’s home, so after dinner he took me up to his big storage building to “show you something”. This is how he gets me to do things, by merely saying, “Hey, I want to show you something” or talk about something. I follow right along because it is invariably interesting. He wanted to show me his Crossbow and to shoot it. I had never shot one in my life and it seemed a little intimidating and dangerous. I mean, the whole thing about being careful where you put your fingers so you don’t lose it as the bolt is shot, the fact that once the bolt is in place the only way to unload it is to shoot the thing, etc. He set up the target, I took aim and he released the safety. I remember wondering where that shot was going to end up. I shot and hit the target dead center. Bull’s eye. We laughed at what a fluke that was and I was ready to leave. I mean, you always leave the party at the peak, right? But he wanted me to shoot it again, and I’m sure we both thought this would really go off wild. Dead center again, in fact, right on the previous arrow…like right on top of it. Turns out I am a  natural born Crossbow shooter, apparently. I double checked with him to make sure he hadn’t given me some kind of advantage, but he explained the workings of the scope, the distance and all that. It was official. We went back to the family, I tried so hard to brag and drag someone to the out building with me so I could show off, but no one wanted to play my reindeer games. At one point, my brother disappeared. Next thing he was standing outside their big bay window in the living room holding the target up (he had kept both arrows in it) so everyone could see my marksmanship. I love that guy! Forcing everyone to admire my handy work! Now that is an awesome big brother!

He use to have a parade of cool cars, too. Mostly I remember the “chopped and channeled ’32 Ford coupe”, the Hearst Oldsmobile and a Nova. He would take me to car shows with him, and take me for rides on his Harley. Ah…good times, good times! He is also incredibly accident prone…falling off ladders and hitting the pavement below, spraining his ankle hunting, losing his fingertips on one hand from a steel mill accident. By far the worse was his accident on his ATV. The bones in the man’s face were shattered from the eyes down, his jaw broken in several places, his palate broken and he was losing huge amounts of blood, yet still managed to walk the several acres through the woods and fields back to his house and ask to be taken to the local hospital. The hospital took a glance and he was life flighted to Cleveland Metro. He spent weeks in an induced coma and several surgeries. His facial bones are held together by metal plates and screws, though you would never know to look at him. We almost lost him then. I cannot imagine my families’ life without my big brother in it.

All that to say he is very manly, outdoorsy, hunter and classic car lover…quite different from this girly girl. But over the years, he has proven several times that he “gets” me. He listens to what I like or really puts thought into what I might enjoy, whether it is music, interest in the Crossbow, or even perfume he has bought for me. He is a pretty quiet guy, and keeps to himself.  But this year, he thrilled me more than ever.

Look what my big brother got  me for Christmas!

Yes indeedy! The infamous Guerlain palette

The Guerlain Ecrin 6 Couleurs Eye Shadow Palette

Specifically, the 68 Champs-Elysees palette

Turns out, that he was as intrigued by the packaging as much as I was. I knew he read my blog, because he would kind of make jokes about it, so I didn’t think he really paid attention.Turns out he decided this would be the ideal Christmas gift, and so his latest hunt began. This little work of art is not available within Ohio. He had to turn online to find it and then once found, he had to choose between the 5 palettes available for the color. I would love to have heard him on the phone with Neiman Marcus. How did he say Guerlain? How did he say Champs-Elysees? He said he chose this color combination because it was the most interesting. It is also the one I would have chosen. I wore it yesterday and it is gorgeous. The shades are a taupey-gray, and the center accent color is more purple than it shows in the pictures. The grays are a great mix of mattes and shimmers, but always subtle. Very easily blended together so no ugly streaks; it wore perfectly for hours with no smudging, creasing or shimmer fallout showing up on the cheeks. The black eyeliner is a soft black and easy to handle without turning into the dreaded raccoon eyes after a few hours.

One last look at the intricacy of the case. Now I have to find a pedestal and glass dome and put it under a spotlight. Nah, but it is going into my jewelry armoire, to keep to my Swarovski crystal Hello Kitty powder compact company.

It also comes with a velvet pouch to keep it in.