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Gaze Upon the Beauty June 28, 2010

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Would you just take a look at this eyeshadow palette for Fall 2010 from Guerlain? My, my, my! Price? Let’s not discuss that right now. Just enjoy.

The palettes are named after Guerlain’s Paris locations. The shade on the far right of the palette is an eye liner. The price you say? Again, you keep asking this. Look at them…look at them! The Guerlain Fall 2010 collection is coming out in stores in July/August and includes some lipsticks, too, but really I fell in love with these palettes the second I saw them. I’ve seen pictures of the lipsticks but couldn’t even begin to tell you what color they are as I saw the eyeshadow palettes and heard a choir begin singing and developed tunnel vision.

I think the nearest store to me that might have these babies is Dillard’s at Beachwood Place Mall. Very few stores carry Guerlain cosmetics but I believe I saw a really sad and picked over counter there last summer, tucked away in a dark shadowed spot. Ok, the price. A mere $(a lot- price removed to protect the gifter) for the palette. Horrible, horrible price.

Sadly, I cannot justify $85 for an eyeshadow palette even in better financial times than present. But oh, how I lust for these, and spend time trying to decide which one I should own, then put under glass and a spotlight. And really, if I had the folding money to get the entire collection a couple of these I would have to made quite a “do” out of it and fly to a Neiman’s or Guerlain shop in Las Vegas, ok, or Paris and pick them up.

Even closed it is beautiful; note the Guerlain bee upper center

Like the grilles in an ancient harem- you can't see in, but can be watched

Oh, yes, you need the collection for greatest impact

Gasp! How intricate and detailed! The architecture!

I would have to display it in a showcase with spotlights.

68 Champs Elysee

10 Rue des Francs-Bourgeois

93 Rue de Passy

29 Rue de Sevres

2 Place Vendome


Letter to Taz June 27, 2010

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As you know, I have a huge aversion to Meijer’s, despite your attempts to sway me. I needed some Food Saver bags and grocery stuff and couldn’t see driving to Walmart to save a buck or two, so I went to Meijer’s. Meijer’s had everything I wanted, but I hate and despise their self checkout.

You pretty much have to check yourself out unless you want to wait an hour in line at the ONE register that is open. Every single time…wait, let me say that as intended…EVERY SINGLE TIME I use Meijer’s self checkout something goes wrong and I have to wait while their little red light flashes and the person resets it. Today, I apparently moved a bag too soon, placing it into my shopping cart and the machine acted like I was a criminal getting ready to make a run for it. The machine yelled for the attendant THREE TIMES while I was trying to purchase my measly nine items.

  • I removed a bag to soon
  • It didn’t like when I put an onion in the shopping bag
  • It refused to ring up salt pork (can’t blame it, really, but a recipe calls for it)

    Boo, Meijer's! Hatechu!

I never have this kind of self checkout trouble in any other store. Well, there was the potential riot incident at Kroger’s that I caused, but that was quickly averted and I learned the self checkout culture of that particular neighborhood. The police haven’t had to be called since.


I’ve Loved You So Long (released 2008) June 26, 2010

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I just saw this film- I’ve Loved You So Long (Il y a longtemps que je t’aime) – on dvd and must say this was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. It is French with subtitles and is beautifully acted by Kristin Scott Thomas in the lead. Such a subtle film in dialogue and acting as well as the soft, nearly monochromatic colors used throughout.  Wonderfully done!  Off to search for more films by this new director, Philippe Claudel.


Who is that woman of mystery?

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I came across a picture of myself that I’ve always liked, and came this *____* close to posting it before thinking better of it. If you ask nicely, I might e-mail it to you. The photo was taken a few years ago in a restaurant just before heading to a Chris Isaak concert at The House of Blues in Atlantic City. The reason I like the picture is that it shows one of the too rare times that I got to dress up and channel another persona. This particular persona got to wear lots of black liner around the eyes, camisole under blazer, jeans and ankle endangering heels in an attempt to look a little hipper, maybe a little edgier. I also came across another dress up picture that was taken in Las Vegas. I got to wear a long sleek black dress, hair in an updo, lots of sparkle to the jewelry. In hindsight, maybe it is more fun because these events are out of the norm, in totally unique situations surrounded by strangers and only one other person that knows the real you. You can be whoever you want and no one will know it isn’t really you.

In cooking news, I will be doing a compare and contrast of a bottled marinara sauce versus a recipe that claims it is just as good. My friend, Ricky**, had mentioned that Rao’s makes a great pasta sauce and I figure Ricky knows good pasta sauce when he comes across it. Soon after this conversation I read a recipe on the internet that claims to be just as good as Rao’s marinara, so I saved it for future use. Now, Rao’s runs close to $8/jar normally, but my grocery store had it on special so I purchased and opened it for a taste as soon as I got home. It really is amazing…but the price! I’ll be trying round two tonight on my homemade ravioli, then tomorrow I will make the recipe that claims to be identical and will let you know.

**Pseudonym to protect the privacy


Make it so June 23, 2010

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Beginning my own blog is like entering a place I’ve seen in pictures, read about, heard other people discuss, toyed with the idea of going to see it myself but only if I could make it a trial visit. But, as so many things, the only way to really know is to do. Therefore, in the words of Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise, “Make it so”.

Speaking of Captain Picard, please allow me to share a recent dream I had. Jean-Luc and I were in Las Vegas and he surprised me by gifting me with a bottle of perfume– Parfums DelRae Bois De Paradis, specifically. We entered the elevator and it began to ascend and I approached Jean-Luc to thank him properly for the surprise gift when I awoke. I was so disappointed! Not only did I not get to complete my thank you, but even more disappointing was the fact that I did not even have the bottle of perfume!

I have a sample or two floating about, but surely this was a sign that I need to own the real thing. Oh, Jean-Luc! Our time together was so brief and yet so memorable! And thank you for the gift.

Jean-Luc has Bois De Paradis. Make it so!