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Who is that woman of mystery? June 26, 2010

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I came across a picture of myself that I’ve always liked, and came this *____* close to posting it before thinking better of it. If you ask nicely, I might e-mail it to you. The photo was taken a few years ago in a restaurant just before heading to a Chris Isaak concert at The House of Blues in Atlantic City. The reason I like the picture is that it shows one of the too rare times that I got to dress up and channel another persona. This particular persona got to wear lots of black liner around the eyes, camisole under blazer, jeans and ankle endangering heels in an attempt to look a little hipper, maybe a little edgier. I also came across another dress up picture that was taken in Las Vegas. I got to wear a long sleek black dress, hair in an updo, lots of sparkle to the jewelry. In hindsight, maybe it is more fun because these events are out of the norm, in totally unique situations surrounded by strangers and only one other person that knows the real you. You can be whoever you want and no one will know it isn’t really you.

In cooking news, I will be doing a compare and contrast of a bottled marinara sauce versus a recipe that claims it is just as good. My friend, Ricky**, had mentioned that Rao’s makes a great pasta sauce and I figure Ricky knows good pasta sauce when he comes across it. Soon after this conversation I read a recipe on the internet that claims to be just as good as Rao’s marinara, so I saved it for future use. Now, Rao’s runs close to $8/jar normally, but my grocery store had it on special so I purchased and opened it for a taste as soon as I got home. It really is amazing…but the price! I’ll be trying round two tonight on my homemade ravioli, then tomorrow I will make the recipe that claims to be identical and will let you know.

**Pseudonym to protect the privacy