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Gaze Upon the Beauty June 28, 2010

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Would you just take a look at this eyeshadow palette for Fall 2010 from Guerlain? My, my, my! Price? Let’s not discuss that right now. Just enjoy.

The palettes are named after Guerlain’s Paris locations. The shade on the far right of the palette is an eye liner. The price you say? Again, you keep asking this. Look at them…look at them! The Guerlain Fall 2010 collection is coming out in stores in July/August and includes some lipsticks, too, but really I fell in love with these palettes the second I saw them. I’ve seen pictures of the lipsticks but couldn’t even begin to tell you what color they are as I saw the eyeshadow palettes and heard a choir begin singing and developed tunnel vision.

I think the nearest store to me that might have these babies is Dillard’s at Beachwood Place Mall. Very few stores carry Guerlain cosmetics but I believe I saw a really sad and picked over counter there last summer, tucked away in a dark shadowed spot. Ok, the price. A mere $(a lot- price removed to protect the gifter) for the palette. Horrible, horrible price.

Sadly, I cannot justify $85 for an eyeshadow palette even in better financial times than present. But oh, how I lust for these, and spend time trying to decide which one I should own, then put under glass and a spotlight. And really, if I had the folding money to get the entire collection a couple of these I would have to made quite a “do” out of it and fly to a Neiman’s or Guerlain shop in Las Vegas, ok, or Paris and pick them up.

Even closed it is beautiful; note the Guerlain bee upper center

Like the grilles in an ancient harem- you can't see in, but can be watched

Oh, yes, you need the collection for greatest impact

Gasp! How intricate and detailed! The architecture!

I would have to display it in a showcase with spotlights.

68 Champs Elysee

10 Rue des Francs-Bourgeois

93 Rue de Passy

29 Rue de Sevres

2 Place Vendome