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Make it so June 23, 2010

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Beginning my own blog is like entering a place I’ve seen in pictures, read about, heard other people discuss, toyed with the idea of going to see it myself but only if I could make it a trial visit. But, as so many things, the only way to really know is to do. Therefore, in the words of Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise, “Make it so”.

Speaking of Captain Picard, please allow me to share a recent dream I had. Jean-Luc and I were in Las Vegas and he surprised me by gifting me with a bottle of perfume– Parfums DelRae Bois De Paradis, specifically. We entered the elevator and it began to ascend and I approached Jean-Luc to thank him properly for the surprise gift when I awoke. I was so disappointed! Not only did I not get to complete my thank you, but even more disappointing was the fact that I did not even have the bottle of perfume!

I have a sample or two floating about, but surely this was a sign that I need to own the real thing. Oh, Jean-Luc! Our time together was so brief and yet so memorable! And thank you for the gift.

Jean-Luc has Bois De Paradis. Make it so!