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Letter to Taz June 27, 2010

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As you know, I have a huge aversion to Meijer’s, despite your attempts to sway me. I needed some Food Saver bags and grocery stuff and couldn’t see driving to Walmart to save a buck or two, so I went to Meijer’s. Meijer’s had everything I wanted, but I hate and despise their self checkout.

You pretty much have to check yourself out unless you want to wait an hour in line at the ONE register that is open. Every single time…wait, let me say that as intended…EVERY SINGLE TIME I use Meijer’s self checkout something goes wrong and I have to wait while their little red light flashes and the person resets it. Today, I apparently moved a bag too soon, placing it into my shopping cart and the machine acted like I was a criminal getting ready to make a run for it. The machine yelled for the attendant THREE TIMES while I was trying to purchase my measly nine items.

  • I removed a bag to soon
  • It didn’t like when I put an onion in the shopping bag
  • It refused to ring up salt pork (can’t blame it, really, but a recipe calls for it)

    Boo, Meijer's! Hatechu!

I never have this kind of self checkout trouble in any other store. Well, there was the potential riot incident at Kroger’s that I caused, but that was quickly averted and I learned the self checkout culture of that particular neighborhood. The police haven’t had to be called since.